Waxwing & Goosander

I found a flock of around 30 Waxwing in a tree at the far end of the photovoltaic field almost at the rear of Kestrel coldstores this morning ,with another flock of around 30 on the roadside near the hotel, both flocks visible at the same time so 60+

After leaving the Marston Waxwings, I found two more at Brandon, initially flying in over head then landing on telephone wires, they then flew towards a large flock of Fieldfare in the bushes and lost to sight.
I then discovered a further two in trees opposite Troops of Leadenham !
Unbelievable really from just driving around.

Of interest this afternoon I had two flocks of Goosander totalling 20 circling around over Jericho , they then headed down towards the River Witham and STW.

And then a single bird mid afternoon over heading West and lost to sight.

Not a bad day really considering I was at work !