I managed an hour long visit to Marston this afternoon, the walk from the works to the hide was pretty uneventful and pretty chilly ! The return walk was much better starting with a pair of Shelduck coming into land on the scrape as I left the hide, plenty of Teal on the scrape and spread right across the site.

A single Coal Tit in the big hedge adjacent to the scrape made we wonder when the last one I had there was ? I really can’t remember , its certainly not a common bird here.

On approaching the reedbed a Cetti’s burst into song right in front of me ! it only lasted a few seconds but this ear piercing warble still puts a smile on my face ! I couldn’t see the bird at all which always amazes me when there isn’t any foliage for it to hide behind. I eventually disturbed it or another from the Hawthorn hedge , it flew straight into the reeds never to be seen or heard again.

A pair of Oystercatcher then broke the silence announcing their presence as they flew onto the turf field, swapping places with the 20 Curlew which flew to the reedbed pool for a wash and brush up before night.