Returning in a bit of a hurry (had to pick the good lady up) from the works end at Marston on 5th March, and approaching the five bar gate area I saw six small finches in one of the hedge bushes. They didn’t seem to want to move off and were singing a tune I didn’t recognise as I approached, and I managed to walk right under the bush without them appearing nervous. Once on the sunny side (it was late p.m.) I turned and knocked off a few shots before rushing to the car. Later I checked one of the images and decided it was a female Lesser Redpoll (common things happen commonly!), posted it as such on the LBC site and thought nothing more. A response from Neil Smith several days later indicated that it was a Twite and as I only saw this response last night on my way to bed I checked the other images and a bird song CD and sure enough my first Twites from Marston! They aren’t on the “Birds of Marston” Systematic list so is this a first for Marston?

A couple of images:IMG_7701 IMG_7707

And a shot of the Raven that came croaking out of the mist over the leek field a few days earlier: