Marston Blocker !

Well what can I say ! after 27 Years of slogging round Marston and its smelly environs, I have finally seen a Treecreeper there !!!  This delightful little creature has been my Holy Grail at Marston, having never even had a sniff of one, when every man and his dog have seen them there, its unbelievable that it has eluded me for so long !! Hallellujah !!!

Other birds of note there this evening were around 10 Swallow, A singing Willow Warbler in the works and a singing Chiffchaff along Mill lane.

Migrants notable by there absence were Wheatear and White Wagtail.

I also had a singing Willow Warbler at Brandon first thing this morning, with two Chiffchaff there at lunchtime.