14th April

Walked the dog at Denton res for a change this morning.Swallows,sand martins and a few house martins numbered 20 odd together.A little egret was the first I’ve seen at the res.Several lesser black-backs were overhead and the part leucistic black-headed gull is still around.There were worryingly few great crested grebes-just a couple of pairs.There used to be plenty here.

Following the report of a green-winged teal I motored over to Kirkby on Bain and got on the bird straight away.It was seemingly paired up with a female teal,both were enjoying each others company.Now here’s the thing,female green-winged is incredibly hard to separate from Eurasian teal-could it have been green-winged?It looked identical to the other females.It was asleep alot of the time so close scrutiny was difficult.Plenty of people got photos.Maybe there will be some hybreds somewhere next year?

A little ringed plover was seen from the hide and a few goldeneyes remained.The sound of chiffchaff was all around and a marsh tit sang and showed well.While chatting with Notts.birder Mark Dawson he picked up a kittiwake over the tip,a good inland bird.

Other birds included a flying water rail near the tip,a little egret,buzzards,an egyptian goose,a few redshanks and lapwings,great crested and little grebes,many ducks,gulls and corvids. Always a great place to visit.