Got a call from me mate Spadge about a Black Redstart in his garden this evening – WOW! Carol; Spadge’s better half 😉 had spotted the bird when she pulled onto their drive I believe!! Obviously went straight round (tea could definately wait!) and not only got to see this wonderful species for the first time with me own eyes but also got a few snaps too 🙂

Here are a selection of shots I got what a lovely bird eh?
GranBlkRdsta16413 GranBlkRdsta16413b GranBlkRdsta16413c GranBlkRdsta16413f
Dave R was there too and later on (after a departure – tea – and return) Trev called in to see the bird, but sadly it had moved on 🙁 I hope it stays around a little longer I would love to get a few more shots of this beauty as I bet others would do too!!