Marston in the evening.

After the stifling heat of the day,a thunderstorm cooled things down a bit so I took Lily for a walk to you know where.On the scrape were two separate gadwall families.One female had four chicks and another had eight.Nice to see them breeding here,though Trev assures me that they breed most years.I havn’t noticed them in the last few years but then I’d probably not been looking hard enough,possibly passing the chicks off as mallards.They are subtley different when you get your eye in,looking slightly paler and having larger pale patches on the back.The lower mandible showed an orange edge.

I reckon it’s been a really good breeding year in general with loads of mallards.Coots greylags and moorhens also faring well.

The oystercatcher chick has now doubled in size in just a short time.The adults were going mental over something.Two green sandpipers and a couple of lapwings fed and six curlews flew in,calling loudly.In the willows the young great spotted woodpeckers were still around.Another painted lady butterfly was noted,this one had an attitude.Every time a small tortoishell came near it’s nettle patch it was ‘seen off’.Well you don’t expect  butterflies to behave like that do you.Fascinating.