17th Sept 2013

Well, the Spurn great snipe I went to see on Sunday is no more. Word is that a cat had it. R.I.P.


Yesterday DN found another rarity, this time at Boultham mere, Lincoln. Not one, but two blue-winged teals, female or juv. types. Looking at the news reports today there are now three birds being reported, possibly four, almost inconceivable. This species is a vagrant from N America, sometimes there are only that number seen in the whole UK in a year.

I havn’t been for these birds yet as I pulled a muscle in my back on Sunday, just as I was getting out of the car to see the snipe. I may get tomorrow.


I did manage a short walk at Marston today, which was quiet, but the first two grey wagtails of the Autumn were there, along with a hundred or so swallows, darting past my head, flycatching.