Have not seen a ‘live’ Snow Bunting yet so decided to go for a drive to Cleethorpes today, was a nice day for a drive at least!, to see if we could get lucky.

In short nope no luck and not a sniff of the birds to be seen. Still Karen and I had a good 2 hour walk and below are my best pics from our time out today.
Barnacle Goose – 1 of about 50 at Lakeside
Common Gull
1 of several Curlews
Little Egrets are not the best @ hide and seek eh?
Oyster Catcher  – this was the closest I got to one
1 of the 20 plus Redshanks seen, lovely sight and sounds too!

I did see around 40 species in total which was nice!

Also there was 1 oddity, 2 pics of this can be seen below, have had a electronic conversation with Spadge to see what he thought to my hybrid question, what do you think, a possible Ross’s / Barnacle Hybrid. these 2 pics are of the same bird, contrast hugely different in the 2 pics, this is I think down to my camera settings and possibly the differing angles in the strong sunlight. Your thoughts are welcomed folks!
CleethUnknownGoo101113 CleethUnknownGoo101113b