Holt, Norfolk. 20/11/2013

Sharon is usually far from impressed when I show her my rarity photos, or what bird I’d seen in a book. Its normally a case of showing her the pic and explaining that it’s a first winter/juv/female type version-she looks in the bird book and says something like ‘why can’t you ever see that one?’, pointing at the gaudy adult breeding male. Well, I thought I’d put things right and go for the parrot crossbills.(which she called crossbill parakeets !)

P1000985Anyway, things didn’t go quite the way Ted planned, crap weather, crap views, no photos. Met some good characters, though. Stayed all day, and with the assembled birders, we had to settle for a minute or twos flight views as they circled overhead. A fellow with a big lens amazingly managed some shots, he was quick. See his blog here.


Had some cool tunes blasting out on the way home.