On the 19th Dec. 2009, I saw a duck at Denton res that in all other respects was a bog-standard tufted, apart from a bright blue bill ! My only ideas at the time were that it was a hybrid with a ruddy duck, but knew this was unlikely. It’s bugged me ever since. Fast forward four years to this Tuesday (10/12/2013), when I found another tufty at the same site, with the same bill colour. It was only when I got my telescope on it that I  discovered it was tagged (nasal saddle) I could then read the numbers. From a distance and through bins it just looks like a blue beak.

I submitted the details to the bto. The bird was originally tagged in France in 2009 as part of a scheme that has been running for about ten years. I’m fairly certain that the other bird I saw must have been from this project also.

I am awaiting a reply from the ringer as to the record of sightings since first being tagged.