Twitch. Over the river in E Yorks.

08.00 Weekly shop at Aldi.

09.30 Check birdguides. Yessss, Ivory gull still there.

09.33 Dump shopping in kitchen, dump birding gear in car.

09.40 Depart G town and step on the gas

11.10 Slow down slightly over the bridge.

11.45 Arrive.

12.10 Approach stakeout.


12.15 First glimpse of distant white speck c.2 km away on shore.

12.26 Distant white speck flies a bit closer, looking whiter than Santa’s beard, unmistakably an Ivory.


13.15 Still distant, but good views through the scope, darker bits of plumage noted.

13.25 Got a couple of digi-scoped shots.


P106086414.00 Depart.

14.55 Slow down again for bridge.


16.30 Back home in time for tea. A beer or two later, methinks.