One for David M & Dave R each to look out for?

I am currently working a lot in Lincoln and so using the A607 a bit to get to work.

Today I had the pleasure of seeing  even if only fleetingly at just after 8am a glorious Barn Owl hunting low in the murky morning light in the field on my right, this field was at the Leadenham side of Fulbeck just before the A17 crossover, image below of the area. Might be one for David M to take a look at on a regular basis for photographic opportunities?

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 16.30.31

On the way home at about 3.40pm I was on the same road travelling in the opposite direction and just past Carlton Scroop on the apex of a bend I saw a large all white bird in the distance following the line of the hedgerow at the end of a field near a small road dissected copse.

This bird to me looked like a totally white male Pheasant, never seen one like this myself (not sure if anyone with more local knowledge / experience has or is already aware of this bird?).

So knowing Dave R loves his birds with the odd feather anomaly I thought I would post about this too so he can check it out if he desires, another image from upon high of the area I saw the bird in question  is below.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 16.19.53