Lincoln Fens.

A good day’s birding around the Lincolnshire fens. Highlights;


Corn bunting  on wires, Brauncewell lane.

Nocton fen.

Whooper swan 44.

Bewick’s swan 2.

Mute swan 50.

Common buzzard 2.

Chaffinch flock c100.

Bardney fen and pits.

Grey partridge 5.


Shoveler 160.

Wigeon 180.


Fiskerton fen.

Goosander 3.

Little egret.

Lapwing c.200.

Golden plover c.150.

Tree sparrow 3.

Bullfinch 3.

Thurlby pits gull roost.

Black-headed gull c.8,000, Common gull c.2,000, GBB 10, Herring 50, LBB 2.

Norton Disney pits.

GBB c.150, Herring gull 12. Lapwing c.300.

On the drive home I ran over a suicidal hare. I always feel bad when another one of our precious wildlife meets it’s end in this way. Still, this bit of roadkill will perhaps provide a welcome winter meal, keeping something else alive.