River Witham Mandarins

After arriving home and checking my personal mobile phone (never take this out when working – bad enough carrying one phone let alone two!) I saw a text from good old Dave R about his wife seeing a Mandarin on the River Witham in Queen Elizabeth park in town.

So I established when tea would be ready for consumption and then offski! I parked in the car park in Wyndham Park and walked along the river to see if the bird was still about. When speaking with Dave before I left we talked about the leucistic female that has been about the area lately, anywhoo!

I walked and spotted a lady taking pics with here phone of a bird in the water in the distance and then a pure white bird appeared, yes I thought  here they are and sure enough the male was there too all resplendent in his fine garb!

I banged a few pics off, some of which can be seen below. I just hope that the kids / dog walkers don’t scare them or or worse harm these delightful little birds.

Thanks Dave or maybe thanks should go to the good lady! 😉