Greenland whitefronts attract birders to Marston.

The wf geese are proving to be a popular attraction, today being their fourth day. They favour the grass field off Hougham mill lane but occasionally head off to the scrape or turf fields. They seem perfectly happy to feed with the greylags, unlike the eurasian whitefronts a few years back. They were a bit more snobbish, having nothing to do with the greylags.

Other birds of note are cetti’s warbler, water rails, grey wag and up to three green sandpipers. A peregrine made a half-hearted swoop for a stock dove. It got away. There are lots of lesser redpolls around. 140+ teal on the scrape.

Earlier at Denton res, three goldeneyes included one that looked like the bird that was at Marston on Sunday.