Black and white.

Mon 8th Feb.

Another day, another gale.

Checked out waterbodies around the Lincoln area this morning (with Ben Ward). Before we got out of his estate, (housing estate, that is – he’s not the Lord of North Hykham), we saw a smart crow exhibiting a lot of white in it’s wings. Photos by Ben.

IMG_1689 (3)IMG_1687 (2)Hartsholme country park held a couple of pairs of hyper-active, displaying, great spotted woodpeckers. Goosanders and red crested pochard were on the lakes.

At Norton Disney pits we saw the long staying Aythya hybrid. (tufted x pochard).

We motored down to Kirkby on Bain to find the drake smew still there. Photo by Ben.



Remember this beauty?  June 2014. Near Hough on the Hill.