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Kite Tastic….

I’m lucky enough to be working deep in the heart of Northants Kite country,  on farmland that hosts around 20 pairs of Kites.

We regularly have 10 + kites in the treetops around us.

I’ve usually got my camera set up nearby so managed to grab a few shots throughout the day, ironically they were often too close to get the whole bird in the frame !


Hey Guys,

Good news ! The Lincsbirders forum has been moved to the blog platform, a link can be found in the blog menu here:   or go straight to it here please save it for future reference.

Barn Owl & Long Eared Owl!

Had an amazing encounter with a Barn Owl this evening, we sat in the car whilst it hunted the overgrown banks of a stream either side of us , it pounced on something in the grass and eventually flew  away from us with what I think was a small rat, as it made its way towards a bank of trees alongside the field a Kestrel swooped in from above us to presumably challenge the Owl for its catch as they are bullies and often rob Barn Owls ! when all of a sudden a Long Eared Owl appeared from no where and checked the Barnies catch too !! the Kestrel retreated immediately, the Barn owl entered its box and the Long Eared Owl continued on its way ! Unbelievable and all before 6.30pm !!



Barn Owl pic from Lincsbirders archive 


Had an impromptu visit to the Willow tree fen Bluethroat yesterday morning, altho it was nice and bright when I arrived it soon clouded over, got windier and colder ! So not ideal conditions….only a handful of birders were on site as I arrived.

The bird was showing predictably well every half an hour or so and I was soon the only observer left to admire this little stunner.

Amazingly when it wasn’t showing it was actually singing from deep within the reeds ! the first time I’ve heard one sing in the UK. 

I left very happy with my views and photos, a pair of Marsh Harriers were constantly causing consternation amongst the wildfowl and waders behind me, a first visit for me to this great little site, I’m sure it will turn up a few more goodies in the future.