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Spadge's Sightings

Postby SpadgeBirder » Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:50 pm

17/08/15 - 11:00-13:00

A couple of hours on a mission for Spot Fly!

I have been here, there and everywhere looking for Spot Fly over the past weeks with not a bird in sight... Hearing from fellow birders of their sightings of Spot Fly in which I thought of going to see but I'm one of them middle aged birders liking the idea of finding my own...

Small open part of old mixed trees by the river SK926388 was where I first heard that call ! YAY !

After about 5 minutes of scanning the trees in which there were many calls now coming from cover, An adult bird flew out and up to catch something then soon after 8 birds seen in total 2 adult with 6 juvenile.. a record broken of 7 birds seen down south near Lee Valley CP in 2003.

So a happy chappy.

#spotfly #tick

PS I see I have beaten Dave Roberts 6 from Denton Res earlier this week... #ha #wink friendly competition against a fellow Marston Patcher...

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