South Eastern Alaska

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South Eastern Alaska

Postby OBP » Thu Sep 01, 2016 2:08 am

Recently back from a return to Alaska, this time to nooks and crannies of South Eastern Alaska on an intimate 20 berth cruiser trip from Ketchikan to Juneau (including to the very far end of Glacier Bay.) Once again this was a wildlife trip and not particularly a birding trip. Although thousands of birds seen, not that many separate species identified. Those I did identify:

Killdeer - 1 (first bird seen - at the runway's edge following touch down in Ketchikan)
Cormorant - hundreds
Great Blue Heron - dozens
Surf Scoter - appx 500
Goosander - 8 (all female)
Bald Eagle - hundreds
Black Oystercatcher - 4
Red Neck Phalarope - dozens
Arctic Skua - a handful
Pomarine Skua - at least 1
Bonaparte's Gull - several dozen
Herring Gull - hundreds
Mew Gull - hundreds
Black Legged Kittiwake - dozens
Glaucous Winged Gull - in their thousands (most populous bird)
Common Murre - hundreds
Pigeon Guillemot - hundreds
Marbled Murrelet - dozens
Tufted Puffin - dozens
Horned Puffin - a handful
Rock Doves - a handful
Belted Kingfisher - 2
Steller's Jay - 3
Northwestern Crow - hundreds
Raven - several hundred
American Dipper - 2
Starling - dozens
Yellow Warbler - 2
Dark Eyed Junco - 8

...and a Red Tailed Hawk on the stopover in Seattle

Mammalian highlights:
Sea Otter - hundreds
Steller's Sea Lion - hundreds
Humpback Whale - appx 60 (including bubble net feeding alongside the boat)
Orca - 8 (a couple alongside the boat)
Harbour Porpoise - dozens
Brown Bear - 11
Black Bear - 14
Mountain Goat - 3
American Mink - 1
Moose - 2 (very distant)

Another memorable trip and photos/video compilation will follow when I've gone through the 3000+ photos I took ....... and when I can get my damn new computer sorted out!!

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