Tricky Diver.

The diver that has been at Covenham res since Tuesday, and initially considered to be a black-throated, has been re-identified as a red-throated. This was what is sometimes termed an ‘educational bird’, it certainly did look very black-throated-ish in some views. Quite a few birders saw the bird over a five day period, before it was questioned. The bird is a juvenile, some features are not clear cut. The bill looks fairly straight, not very upturned. From the rear the neck appears thick and doesn’t show white sides as in r. t. (juv r. t. has dusky sides.) I was having a bit of trouble with it but went along with black-throated too. Further study of my photos do show features that indicate it to be red-throated, dusky chin, white in front of eye, etc. I’m putting on all my photos from Thursday, so you can see for yourself. Bird distant, water choppy. Images digiscoped and heavily cropped. You never stop learning! Comments welcome.